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Airyolland Almighty


Airyolland Almighty is sired by 18000gns Dooley Napal and his dam is 1550gns Airyolland Pride, our top priced in-lamb 4 crop ewe 2015.

We flushed Pride to Napal in 2014 and the resulting 6 embryo lambs were extrtemely impressive therefore we have dedcided to retain Almighty as the new stock tup at Airyolland to follow in the footsteps of Kingsize, Pagan and Pirate.

We will be using Airyolland Almighty to A.I a selection of our Beltex ewes at Airyolland this year.


There is now a limited amount of semen available for sale

Beltex Airyoland Andromeda champ frm Beltex shearling tup Napal Beltex Airyolland Almighty Beltex Aragon Attitude frm Airyolland Beltex ewe pride 2

Dam Details - Airyolland Pride  

Sire - Clary Muscleman COC M47

Dam - Airyolland La-di-da ARY

SOLD - 1550gns to G Pyman (Thacka)

Airyolland Pride, a full sister to Airyolland Propaganda, comes from an excellent female line that have all performed exceptionally well in the flock.

She is a very flashy ewe with great character which she passes onto her progeny. Due to her good performance she was flushed in 2014 with all 6 embryos being of high quality. Two of her ram lambs, Airyolland Attitude and Airyolland Aragon, were sold at Lanark 2015 for 2200gns and 480gns to Paul Tippets and Christine Williams.  Aragon was the Male Champion at the 3 Counties show in 2016. The good growth rate, carcase and skins of her lambs means that we were able to sell them untrimmed. She has also bred Airyolland Wanganiki sold as a lamb for 680gns  to John Scott, Fearn at Lanark 2014.

Her daughter, Airyolland Storm, is also breeding  well, with us using her son, World Apart, on our commercial flock.

Almighty's full sister Airyolland Andromeda is a very striking showy gimmer who won reserve champion at Wigtown Show 2015 as a ewe lamb and Champion Beltex at Stranraer 2016.

We sold her at the Beltex Beauties Sale for 7500gns and are retaining her sister, Aphrodite in the flock.


In 2018 we sold Almighty son, Airyolland Conga, who we used at home , for 4400gns. In the same batch of Almighty sons, Chaos sold for 3600gns.

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Beltex Airyolland Andromeda crop Airyolland Almighty frm 2 Almighty frm Beltex Airyolland Conga