Airyolland Farm

Airyolland Pagan

Airyolland Pagan is a long bodied, blue, extreme muscled ram.  His progeny have impressive growth rates.

Pagan Shearlings 2015

Our top priced ram at Carlisle, Pagan son, Airyolland Wild One, sold for 4200gns with 3 other Pagan sons in the same pen sold for 2000gns. Top priced Beltex at Kelso and record price for a Beltex at Kelso was also a Pagan son, Airyolland Weapon, who sold at 4000gns

Pagan lambs 2014

Once again the excellent growth rate of the Pagan lambs has enabled us to select some for the sales this year. 4 out of the 5 lambs entered for Carlisle 2014 were Pagan sons and Pagan son Airyolland Waltzer topped the sale at Lanark 2014 selling for 2300gns.

We are so impressed with the gigots, weight gain and growth rate of his lambs that we used sons, Airyolland Watchman, ARY W74, in 2014 and Airyolland Slingshot ARY S56 and Airyolland Spock ARY S71 in 2012 in our flock.

Beltex tup lamb 4frm

ARY S63. A 2 week old Tup lamb off Airyolland Pagan. 2nd Prize ram lamb at Lanark 2012 and sold for 650gns.


Pagan is a sired by the bare blue Airyolland Navajo who goes back to the Werbrouk family in our flock.

His dam Airyolland Magpie ARY M60  is sired by Airyolland Kingsize.

The bare, blue, extreme muscling from the Werbrouk family meeting the size and gigot score of the Kingsize family has led to this impressive ram we have retained to use at home.

Pagan's influence on the flock has carried on through the generations of with him siring renowned sires such as Weapon who had sired rams sold to 16000gns and 10000gns. He is also great grand sire of 65000gns Airyolland Castro sold in 2018.

Beltex gimmer off Pagan frm

Our show gimmer Airyolland Sorrento, ARY S118 (pictured above) is off Pagan and won the Beltex Championship at Wigtown Show 2013

Carlisle 2013

Pagan sons performed well at our first Beltex sale of 2013.  Our top priced shearling at Carlisle 2013 was Airyolland Sundance ARY S067 Sired by Pagan. He sold for 3000gns and headed to Wales to join the flock of Michael Owens,Glantre.

The other Pagan son at Carlisle, Airyolland Slingshot ARY S056, also headed to Wales after being bought by Jones & Roberts, Penparc  for 1600gns and has since bred 1st prize ram lamb at the Royal Welsh Show 2014.

Four Pagan sons were in our pen of 11 at Kelso and they sold particularly well. Airyolland Sputnick sold for £1550, to John Hall (Inglewood Edge), which was the second top Beltex price of the day. The other sons made £1100, £800 and £650.

Kelso 2013


The growth rate and weight gain enabled us to sell two of his sons, who were not ETs as ram lambs at Lanark 2012.  We sold to a top price of 1000gns for Pagan son Airyolland Scaramanga, ARY S62, who goes to join the Lethans flock of Mr A Shaw, West Lethans, Dunfermline.  Our other Pagan son, Airyolland Socrates, ARY S63,  was second in the pre sale show and went on to sell for 650gns to M Boustead, High Lane, NewBigginng on Lune, Cumbria.

Beltex sheep Airyolland W23

Pictured above is Pagan son Airyolland Wanganiki ARY W23.Sold at Carlisle to John Scott (Fearn)

Airyolland Beltex sheep W76frm

Airyolland Warlord ARY W76 is an embryo lamb sired by Pagan and out of Nailer daughter, Airyolland Rebel. Rebel is a full sister to Pirate.

beltex sheep waltzer frm

Airyolland Wurzel. Sold at Lanark 2014 for 900gns to Alan Munroe Loandhu. Sire of Champion Beltex Scottish National Beltex Show 2016

Airyolland Waltzer sold at Lanark 2014 to N & S Caul and D Thornley(Dooley) for 2300gns.

In 2013 we AI'd 70 of our Beltex ewes by Pagan and this year we are using him again and also Airyolland Watchman ARY W74, a Pagan son out of Airyolland Panache, a full sister to Kingsize.

Watchman is sire to our top priced ram lamb Avicii who sold for 4600gns in 2015.

Beltex Ram Airyolland Wurzel


Airyolland Pagan frm