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Pirate through the ages

Airyolland Pirate is a home bred ram sired by Airyolland Nailer. His dam Jezebel, pictured right, is a bare, extreme, meaty, traditional type Beltex who has consistently passed this onto her progeny.

Jezebel was sold to Stuart Wood (Woodies), as one of our draft ewes, in December 2010. She is still going strong in 2015 producing blue meaty lambs for Stuart.

Airyolland Pirate (sired by 10 000gns Airyolland Nailer) is an extremely correct, bare skinned, well muscled ram and has been used successfully at home. We are very pleased with his progeny  and used him in 2010 and 2011.


He was ranked first in the Signet list of  Top Stock Sires 2011 in order of Gigot Muscularity EBV with a massive gigot EBV  of 4.18.  


On 3rd November 2011 we A.Id 60 pedigree Beltex ewes with Pirate. The resulting Pirate females in our flock have bred exceptionally well with Pirate daughter, Airyolland Shimmy ARY S102, being the dam of the top priced lamb at Lanark 2014, Airyolland Waltzer, who made 2300gns.

Airyolland Storm Trooper ARY S134.

Pirate Sons 2012

Pirate son, Airyolland Storm Trooper, pictured right, was  used in 2012 and was sold to Richard Wood, Kingledores in 2013.

He was CT scanned and scanned the biggest gigot on the farm overtaking his paternal brother, Airyolland Red Beard,  with a gigot measurement of 7.80.


Stormtrooper bred very well for us, carrying on the  family tradition of breeding blue, well muscled, bare skinned, skinny tailed lambs.

Beltex ram lamb 2013

Week old son off Stormtrooper

We are very pleased with Pirate's lambs. He is consistently breeding bare skinned, meaty, skinny tailed lambs with good heads.

                              One day old Pirate lamb                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                         Airyolland Skibo, ARY S117, a 2 week old tup lamb off Pirate.

ARY S127, tup lamb sired by Pirate                                                                                                        

    Pirate son Airyolland Sinbad ARY S153.

Pirate's maternal sister, Airyolland Nympho, with her Woodies Rock n' Roll son.                                      

Airyolland Rebel ARY R105. Full sister to Pirate.

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