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Beltex Beauties 2016

Beltex Beauties 2016

On Friday 26th August we sold 13 Beltex Gimmers at the Beltex Beauties sale at Carlisle. We had a particularly large crop of 2016 gimmers therefore we made the decision to select some females for this inaugural sale.

The sale went very well for all the consignors with many gimmers making 4 figure prices  and the sale being topped by Richard Wood (Kingledores ) selling Airyolland Storm Trooper daughter, Kingledores Arienne, for 10,000gns. Our gimmers sold to a top of 7500gns for Airyolland Andromeda which was the second highest price at the sale and the 13 gimmers averaged £2541.81.


We sold the gimmers in order of their tag numbers and sires. Therefore the lot started with four Pagan daughters that were in the group.

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Ardstewart Supermario son, Airyolland Waqeem, bred very well for us therefore we selected 5 out of his 22 daughters to sell.


This included Lot 726 Airyolland Amidala ARY A146, a naturally reared twin, who is out of a maternal sister to Airyolland Loyalty who bred noted ram Glantre Norris. She sold for 2000gns to Mr Page

Following on from this were two Dooley Napal daughters. We are using 18000gns Dooley Napal again because his females are not only very striking and well muscled but they have performed very well in our flock and he has bred many show winners in our flock and the flocks that we share him with.  

First of the two is Lot 722 Airyolland Ankna ARY A61 who is out of Airyolland Tapti from one of our best female lines leading back to Airyolland Lakshmi and Airyolland Heena. Ankna sold for 420gns to Messers McCutcheon


She was followed by our show gimmer Lot 723 Airyolland Andromeda  ARY A067 who is out of Clary Muscleman daughter,  Airyolland Pride who was our top priced in lamb 4 crop ewe 2015. Andromeda's full brother has recently won Male Champion at the English National Beltex Show at the Three Counties Show and we are retaining  her twin sister and one of her other brothers, Airyolland Almighty, as our new stock sire at Airyolland. Much admired she sold for 7500gns to Dermot Costelloe (Bailey Brooke)

Beltex Adriana Lima

Next up were the two Airyolland Watchman daughters.

Pagan son,  Airyolland Watchman is out of Airyolland Panache who is a full sister to Kingsize.  Watchman was the sire of Airyolland Avicii the top priced ram lamb at Lanark 2015 selling at 4600gns.

First of these Lot 724 ARY A110 Adrianna Lima is not only a top model by name. She is a long, stylish, blue gimmer out of Corstane Max daughter, Airyolland Top Model whose mother is the excellent breeding Nae Life. Nae Life consistently produces progeny with large gigots and our top priced shearling ram at Kelso 2012  Nae Life  proved to be full of life,  producing triplets or quads and lambing naturally every year. She produces bare skinned extreme muscled sheep and her daughters are all performing very well in the flock.

Adrianna Lima was the first female made available for sale from this line and sold for 5500gns to Kenny Preston (Glenpark)


She was followed by Lot 725 Airyolland As Easy As ARY123 who is out of our excellent brood ewe Rihanna. As Easy As is a full sister to 4600gns Airyolland Avicii and has the flashy looks and muscle that her mother Rihanna puts onto all her progeny such as 4000gns Airyolland T Rex. We are retaining her 6 full sisters of. As Easy As sold for 6500gns to Paul Tippets and Christine Williams (Hackney)

The 5th gimmer sold was Lot 721 Airyolland Arwen, ARY A049, the only Forglen Nearco daughter in the lot.  Forglen Nearco, owned by the Orkney flock, was Scottish National Champion Beltex in 2010. Arwen is a large, long gimmer out of Airyolland Pixie sired by Airyolland Navajo who was also sire of  Pagan. Sold for 1800gns to Brian Hall (Ainstable)

Airyolland Beltex As Easy As frm Beltex Airyoland Andromeda champ frm Beltex Airyolland Alfresco frm

Airyolland Adele was  followed into the ring by Lot 719 Airyolland Alfresco ARY A031. This triplet daughter of Airyolland Sunrise carries the good skin and muscling of her father Pagan. Sunrise is out of Airyolland Pirate and she continues to breed well in the flock.She sold for 350gns to messers Robinson

The 2nd Pagan daughter to enter the ring was

 Lot 718 Airyolland Adele ARY A028 out of Pirate daughter Airyolland Suzy Q.

We found that the Pirate Pagan mix is in the background of many of our best breeding animals. She sold for 1,100gns to Mr Jones from Wales.

Airyolland Beltex Abaddon frm Beltex Airyolland Adele frm Beltex Airyolland Arwen Beltex ARY A183 frm

The next Waqeem daughter was Lot 730 Airyolland Alice ARY A183. Alice is out of Airyolland Twilight who is a daughter of the large Pagan son Airyolland Spock. The blue, bare skinned Waqeem characteristics meeting the blue, tight skinned Spock daughter has meant that Alice is a very striking female with a blue head, excellent coat and carcase. She sold for 3000gns to Oliver Whiteley.


Final gimmer in the ring was Waiamaru daughter Lot 731 Airyolland Alba ARY A190 selling for 400gns to Mr and Mrs Warnock

Airyolland Beltex beauties Azure a027

The fourth and final Pagan daughter was the striking blue gimmer Lot 720 Airyolland Abaddon ARY A042. This dark eyed gimmer is backed by superb bloodlines going back to our excellent old ewe, Airyolland Jezebel.

Abaddon's mother is  Airyolland Tramp, sired by Corstane Max. All our Corstane Max daughters are very striking flashy headed sheep. Furthermore, Tramp is out of Airyolland Rebel who is a fiull sister to Pirate. Sold to Mr Moore for 1000gns

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Beltex ARY A177 frm

Following on from Adrienne was Lot 729 Airyolland Agitator ARY A177 This long blue gimmer is from the same Jezebel bloodline as Lot 720 with their mothers being full sisters out of Corstane Max daughter Rebel. This gimmer has great size, length, carcase and colour typical of her father Waqeem and sold for 600gns to John Critchley (Clarefield)

Beltex Airyolland Ankna Airyolland Beltex Amidala Frm Beltex Beauty Airyolland Andromeda

The first of these was Lot 717 Airyolland Azure ARY A027 who is a full sister to Airyolland Wild One who was our top priced shearling at Carlisle 2016, selling for 4200gns. This gimmer is backed by excellent breeding with her not only being sired by Pagan but her dam, Pirate daughter, Sugar is a grandaughter of Enza, one of our best family lines in the flock. She sold for 1300gns to Brian Ryder (Ryder) Moffat.

Beltex ewe Airyolland As Easy As 6500gns crop