Airyolland Farm

Beltex Beauties 2017

Lot 483 Airyolland Betty Boo ET ARY B031

Betty Boo is a showy, extreme muscled gimmer out of our excellent brood ewe Rihanna. Rihanna bred As Easy As who sold at the Beauties last year for 6500gns to the Hackney and Dooley flocks. She also bred 4600gns Airyolland Avicii who is breeding very well for the Woodwick, Aviemore and Orkney flocks

Betty Boo has a strong head and has the flashy looks and muscle that her mother Rihanna puts onto all her progeny such as 4000gns Airyolland T Rex. This bloodilne has flushed very well for us and we have many Rihanna daughters left in the flock. Betty Boo is sired by Pagan and with no semen left off Pagan this is a rare opportunity to purchase a Pagan female. She sold for 7000gns to Gordon and Lynsey Carroll (Edendiack)

Beltex Beauties 2017

Our ten gimmers sold very well at the Beltex Beauties sale on the 25th August. This was a last chance to buy an Airyolland female Beltex this year as all our 4 crop ewes normally presented at the in-lamb sale in December are already sold.


Included in the group were 3 Pagan daughters, 3 daughters of Pagan son White Lightening, 2 Tercrosset Action Man daughters and a daughter of Super Mario and one off Napal.

The group kicked of with our show gimmer Airyolland Betty Boo who made second top price of the sale at 7000gns and the 10 gimmers avaraged  £2242.

Beltex Betty Boo sale Beltex Baby Cakes Beltex Bansari Beltex beauties group 2 Beltex Beauty Blondie Beltex Bloody Mary Beltex Bright eyes 2 Beltex Burlesque

Lot 484 Airyolland Bloody Mary ARY B161

Bloody Mary is a blue, powerful headed gimmer out of the equally blue Pagan daughter, Sasparilla. Sasparilla has bred very well for us and has been sold as a 4 crop ewe to continue her career in another flock

Bloody Mary not only gets her power and striking looks from her mother but this is doubled up by her sire 16000gns Ardstewart Super Mario who has sired many show winning females over the years. Sold to W McMillan for 3200gns.

Lot 485 Airyolland Banoffee ARY B134

Banoffee is the first of our Tercrosset Action Man daughters to be offered for sale. This long, stylish gimmer is out of the blue, Super Mario daughter, Whoopie, who is in turn out of Pagan daughter, Sundae. So with all these bloodlines packed in and combined with Nailer son, Action Man she packs a good bit of muscle too. Action Man has bred tremendously well for us and has already sired the first prize shearling at The Royal Welsh Show this year for co-owner Rory Gregor. Banoffee sold for 2000gns to Ed Page (Rookwith)

Beltex Beauty Banoffee

Lot 486 Airyolland Blondie ARY B137

This second Action Man daughter, Blondie  is also a very stylish blue female.

She comes from the Popstar female line with her dam being Popstar daughter, Will-I-Lamb.

This bloodline has given rise to many good breeding rams and ewes such as Rihanna, Avicii, Wizzard and As Easy As. Sold for 1100gns to S & GA Potter (Brookfield)  

Lot 487 Aiyolland Bliss ARY B003

Bliss is another chance to purchase a large, long blue gimmer out of Pagan. She also comes from an excellent female line with her Napal bred mother Rosanna ET being out of Kizzy, who is mother of 10000gns Nailer.  As can be seen in her picture, this gimmer has presence and the style and flash of Grandsire 18000gns Napal can be seen in her head. Sold for 2500gns to J Mulholland (Liscon)

Beltex Bliss

Lot 488 Airyolland Blackfoot ARY B060

Blackfoot has always been a favourite and was in the show team as a lamb. She is a good allround sheep with an excellent body,  striking head, great coat and deep gigots. To add to this she comes from a very good female line that has bred well in the flock. Her sire is Pagan son White Lightening who add scale to his progeny without losing conformation. Sold for 1800gns to R Carruthers.

Lot 489 Airyolland Burlesque ARY B021

Burlesque is the first female to be offered for sale from our excellent ewe Shimmy. Shimmy is known for producing progeny with extremely deep muscling and great width through the body and this has clearly been passed on to this big powerful gimmer. Burlesque is full sister to Bojangles who has bred a ram lamb to 3400gns at Carlisle this year. She is from a long line of excellent breeding females going right back to Groovy Chick and to add to this pedigree she is sired by Pagan. Sold to J Critchley (Clarefield) for 1600gns

Lot 490 Airyolland Baby Cakes ARY B059

Baby Cakes is out of Toffypop who was sired by Panache son Souvenir . As well as having Kingsize sister Panache in her pedigree she is from a long line of large females. This is what gives this gimmer her length and power and her notable deep muscling. Sold to M Shirvinton (Shirvindale) for 800gns.

Lot 491 Airyolland Bansari. ARY B058

Bansari is from a long line of excelllent breeding females going back to Lakshmi who had her 10th crop of lambs this year. Bansari is a maternal sister of Asulam who we used on farm this year and are very pleased with his progeny. Sold for 800gns to M Heard (Maundown)

Lot 492 Airyolland Bright Eyes ARY B078

Bright Eyes by name and bright eyes by nature this is the last but by no means the least in the lot. This Napal daughter has all the style and presence expected of a Napal bred female and carries she  excellent body and shape too. Her dam is Pagan sired Western Rose and the Pagan and Napal bloodlines click very well producing a sheep with tremendous conformation, skin and character. Sold for 550gns to Mr Rayson.