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Beltex Beauties

Beltex Beauties 2018


The 3rd annual Beltex Beauties sale at Carlisle on 31st August went very well again this year with our gimmers selling to a top of 3600gns and averaging £1450 for the 11.  


Our top priced gimmer was Airyolland Cassiopeia who sold for 3600gns to Liam and Jack Swinnerton for their Lipley flock in Shropshire.


More than half of the gimmers sold to returning customers and saw Ed Page of the Rookwith flock, who had previously bought a gimmer from each of the previous 2 Beauties sales, come back and buy no less than 4 this year inluding 2 of our show gimmers.


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Beltex Beauties 2019

We had ten gimmers forward to the Beltex Beauties this year. This was another chance to buy into our best bloodlines. The gimmers sold to a top of 3800gns and averaged £1110 for the 9.

Beauties sold in previous years were performing well this year and Airyolland Betty Boo who was sold at the 2017 Beauties sale was the dam of Edendiack Darius and Edendiack Dancer who sold at Carlisle this year for 10,000gns and 3,500gns respectively.


7500gns Airyolland Andromeda has also made her mark in the flock book with 4000gns Bailey Brook Captain, 5000gns Bailey Brook CR7 and the privately bought Bailey Brook Chief all breeding very well.


Lot 1249 Airyolland Drifter ARY D068

Drifter is a big, powerful, upstanding gimmer with presence. Sired by Callacrack Crack-A-Jack, who was off Hackney Braveheart, she is out of Airyolland Andorra who is from the bloodline that goes straight back to Hepzibah who was mother of Kingsize and Looby Lie.

This long, very correct gimmer also boasts Pagan in her pedigree so she  is a good chance to tap into some of our best breeding. Sold 2000gns (Delves & Co)

Lot 1250 Airyolland Delphine ET ARY D206

Delphine is a long, blue, deep muscled gimmer out of Wendeline. Wendeline who with her twin lambs attracted a lot of attention on our stand at North Sheep in 2017 comes from a line known for its carcase and great skin. Delphine is the first female to be made available from this bloodline that goes back to Gwendoline who was grand dam of 10,000gns Nailer. She not only has great breeding on her mother's side she is sired by Airyolland Almighty and the flash and character he puts into his progeny can be seen in her head in the picture and she is being let go because we are retaining 3 sisters in the flock.  Sold 600gns (Tilbrook)

Lot 1251 Airyolland Dee ET ARY D128

Dee is another gimmer packed full of good, proven breeding. Her mother Wummin' is full sister to the well known, good breeding, tup Airyolland Wee Jimmy. Wummin' has consistently produced excellent breeding tups for the flock including Brigadoon, Dewar and Deuchars and once again her two tup lambs Ennismor and Eeeksy Peeksy are the pick of the tup lamb crop and two of Wummin's ewe lambs were chosen for the show team - not bad out of a choice of 250 lambs. We are retaining 2 full sisters and with10 ewe lambs out of Wummin'  on the ground we felt we could allow the first two gimmers to be sold from this line.

It is not only her pedigree that makes this gimmer attractive. She is blue, deep muscled and has a great skin like her full brother Airyolland Deuchars sold for 7000gns this year to Withy Trees Beltex. Sold 420gns (Tilbrook)

Lot 1252 Airyolland Doolally ET ARY D129

Full sister to the previous lot Doolally is packed with the same genetic potential and has the muscling and stong blue colour her mother passes onto all her progeny. This is a very prolific bloodline and to stop it taking over the whole flock  we are selling the first females from this line. Sold 450gns (Jones- Fronarth)


Lot 1253 Airyolland Duchess ET ARY D143

Duchess by name and Duchess by nature. This powerful headed gimmer knows she's special. She is out of Airyolland Aphrodite who is full sister to 7500gns Airyolland Andromeda. These girls are not only known for their showy looks but their ability to produce progeny that breeds very well. Part of our show team, Duchess is sired by 10,000gns Woodies Big Yin and we are retaining 2 full sisters in the flock. Sold 3800gns (Tippets - Hackney, Wilodge)

Lot  1254 Airyolland Dowry ARY D052

Dowry is a blue gimmer from a very prolific, bare skinned bloodline. Her mother Bow Wow is maternal sister to 3600gns Cobalt. She is sired by the high index extreme muscled Cotton Eyed Joe who was out of the well known deep muscled Shimmy. Backed by deep muscle on both sides she also has a flinty expression and great skin. Sold 1000gns (Stephen & Co)

Beltex Airyolland Beauties Airyolland Beltex Delphine Beltex Airyolland Drifter Beltex Airyolland Dee Beltex Airyolland Doolally

Lot 1255 Airyolland Deva ARY D092


Deva is a flashy gimmer has style and character inheriting the good fleshing and carcase from her sire Tercrosset Action man whose daughters are performing particularly well in the flock.


She comes from a very prolific bare, blue female line that goes back to Lakshmi who was still breeding in her ninth year. Her grand dam is also still breeding and is now a 7 crop ewe in the Vogue flock. We are retaining her full sister.

Sold 320gns (Williamson)

Beltex Airyolland Deva

Lot 1257 Airyolland Desiree ARY D083


Desiree is another Tercrosset Action Man daughter who has inherited the great fleshing and carcase of her father. She is a very bare skinned gimmer who is out of Ardstewart Super Mario daughter Winola who is producing good breeding females in the flock.

Sold 450gns( Thomlinson - Aitkon)

Beltex Airyolland Desiree Beltex Airyolland Duchess 2

Lot 1258 Airyolland Darl ARY D112

Darl is a thick, deep muscled gimmer with great width through the length of her body.  Her sire Cromwell Captain Cook has been breeding well in the flock and is noted for the width he puts into the body. Her dam , Buttons, also has plenty to contribute with her being sired by 10,000gns Nailer who is known for exceptional carcase and deep muscle. Sold 480gns (Lyle & Co)

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