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Beltex Beauties

Beltex Beauties 2017

Our ten gimmers sold very well at the Beltex Beauties sale on the 25th August.

Included in the group were 3 Pagan daughters, 3 daughters of Pagan son White Lightening, 2 Tercrosset Action Man daughters and a daughter of Super Mario and one off Napal.

The group kicked of with our show gimmer Airyolland Betty Boo who made second top price of the sale at 7000gns and the 10 gimmers avaraged  £2242.


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Beltex Betty Boo sale

Beltex Beauties 2018


The 3rd annual Beltex Beauties sale at Carlisle on 31st August went very well again this year with our gimmers selling to a top of 3600gns and averaging £1450 for the 11.  

3 of the gimmers were sired by Brigadoon, 5 by Almighty, 3 by Rathbone Bradley and 1 by Tercrosset Action Man.

Our top priced gimmer was Airyolland Cassiopeia who sold for 3600gns to Liam and Jack Swinnerton for their Lipley flock in Shropshire.


More than half of the gimmers sold to returning customers and saw Ed Page of the Rookwith flock, who had previously bought a gimmer from each of the previous 2 Beauties sales, come back and buy no less than 4 this year inluding 2 of our show gimmers.

Two gimmers headed south to Wales with Dafydd Lewis (Cothi) taking home the flashy Clickety Click for 2300gns and RV and G Jones (Rhosymadoc) buying the powerful looking Airyolland Christy for 1450gns. Almighty daughter, Airyolland Carmen, went home to the Thacka flock of Giles Pyman for 800gns and Cupcake, another Almighty daughter, joins G & l Robinson's Garla flock for 750gns. New breeders J & S Ward paid 650gns to take home Airyolland Choo Choo  for their new flock at Stoneash in Somerset.

Beltex Beauties rsz Beltex Airyolland Calliope 2

Lot 221 Airyolland Callas ARY C106

Callas is the first of the 3 daughters off Airyolland Brigadoon. Brigadoon was out of Wummin, the full sister to Airyolland Wee Jimmy and Brigadoon's sire was Tercrossett Action Man who in turn was sired by Nailer. This stylish gimmer's dam is Tra-La who was sired by the typey, Napal son, Rocketman.

This long, very correct gimmer has flash and as a result was part of our show team this year. Sold 700gns Ed Page (Rookwith)

Beltex Ariyolland Callas

Lot 222 Airyolland Cassiopeia ARY C008

Cassiopeia is out off Airyolland Aphrodite ARY A068, who is full sister to 7500gns Andromeda. As can be seen in the group picture above (she is front left) this Tercrosset Action Man daughter bears a strong family resemblance to her well known "Aunty Andromeda". She has the same deep, full gigots, tight skin, and a very strong powerful presence. Sold 3600gns L & J Swinnerton (Lipley)

Lot 223 Airyolland Camelia ARY C196

Camelia is the first of our Rathbone Bradley daughters to be on offer

We bought Bradley, who was top price ram lamb at Skipton 2016, for the slate blue colouring and extreme gigots which he has passed onto this big well put together gimmer.

Her dam Acanthus is one of our much favoured, deep muscled Airyolland Waqeem daughters and we are only making Camelia available for sale because we are retaining her full sister.  

Sold 2000gns G Williamson

Lot 224 Airyolland Calliope ARY C084

Calliope is blessed with excellent bloodlines on both sides of her pedigree and it shows in this showy gimmer who was part of our showteam. Her sire is Airyolland Almighty who is full brother to 7500gns Andromeda and her dam is Athena ARY A166 from the excellent Marge Bloodline who has bred many flashy tups and ewes.  

Being from this female bloodline makes Calliope ideal as a foundation female for a new flock and a perfect candidate for a  flushing programme.

She is not only good on paper but is also a showy, very correct, deep muscled gimmer with a flashy Beltex type head.

Sold 1600 gns Ed Page (Rookwith)

Beltex Airyolland Calliope

Lot 225 Airyolland Christy ARY C125

Christy is another daughter of Brigadoon, whose crop of lambs were very even and were notable for their excellent bodies, skin and colour. This girl is further blessed by being out off a Pagan daughter, Anna which is evident in her deep gigots and excellent carcase. This female bloodline going back to Pastille is gaining traction in the Airyolland flock at the moment with, close relative, Bounty producing two of our favourite lambs in the flock this year. Christy is very correct and has a large muzzle which gives her a strong, powerful look making her a good candidate for a show team. Sold 1450gns RV & G Jones (Rhosymadoc)

Lot 226 Airyolland Clickety Click ARY C066

Clickety Click is a very stylish, deep muscled, correct, flashy female who was also part of our showteam.  This Almighty daughter not only gains from her Napal bred father's flash and style but her mother Wet N Wild is out off Airyolland Top Notch who was out of the well known Slingshot. Wet N Wild is also from the same bloodline as the extreme deep muscled  Shimmy. We rate Airyolland Wet N Wild, very highly and are making Clickety Click available for sale because her mother is one of only 4 ewes to be in the flushing team this year -  and that is a very hard team to get into in this large flock. Furthermore Clickety Click's full brother Clickbait is a very flashy headed, deep muscled ram who is one of our standout shearlings in our Kelso pen this year. Sold 2300gns D Lewis (Cothi)

Lot 227 Airyolland Carmen  ARY C051

Carmen is an Almighty daughter out of Pagan ewe Woopie Doo. Almighty crossed  with Pagan was a good knit with it showing in the bare, blue carcase of this gimmer. Sold 800gns G Pyman (Thacka)


Lot 228 Airyolland Choo Choo ARY C191

Choo Choo is a long Bradley daughter out of Airyolland Watchman daughter Aurelie. Watchman also bred 6500gns As Easy As. She is a smart, good skinned, correct gimmer. Sold 650 gns J & S Ward (Stoneash)

Lot 229 Airyoland Crystal ARY C036

Crystal is an Almighty daughter out of Pirate sired ewe Sparkle. The Pirate ewes bred so well in the flock we shall be using Pirate semen again to try to recreate some of those flashy headed breeders. As can be seen in her picture Crystal is a very correct gimmer with a very showy head. With the flash and style from her father Almighty and the good skin, head and conformation from her Pirate sired mother she would be a great addition to any flock.

Sold 800gns Ed Page (Rookwith)

Beltex Airyolland Crystal

Lot 230 Airyolland Cupcake ARY C022

Cupcake is the final Almighty in the daughter and is another of his females with a flashy look about her.  Her mother, Airyolland Rooby Roo ARY R113 is out of Nailer son, Petrolhead who also produced powerful headed sheep.

Sold 750gns G & L Robinson

Lot 232 Airyolland Christabel ARY C167

The last gimmer in the lot is a Rathbone Bradley daughter out of Pagan sired ewe Airyolland Western Rose. Inheriting the blue colour of her father, this correct good allround sheep has a lot of potential.

Sold 850gns to Ed Page (Rookwith)


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