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Airyolland Beltex

The AIRYOLLAND flock of Beltex sheep was started in 1998 when we imported 11 Gimmers from Belgium. The flock now numbers 160 ewes. We only flush a few ewes every year, prefering to run a large flock of ewes with different family lines, enabling us to use select homebred sons off rams that we purchase.  We offer stock for sale at the Society sales at Carlisle, Lanark, at Kelso Ram Sales and there is also a selection of performance recorded Beltex rams available for sale from home. Due to the increasing size of the flock we have started to sell a select few gimmers at the Beltex Beauties sale, Carlisle. Each year correct 4 crop ewes are also made available available for sale from home. The flock has been performance recorded with Signet since 2008.

Beltex x Mule frm Beltex prime lambs at forfar

The maternal ability of the Beltex x ewe is highlighted by our 2 shear ewe, Lulu, (pictured right)  a Beltex cross Mule, who in 2011 reared these three lambs, sired by Airyolland Petrolhead. Born in early March the two wether lambs went to market on 7th July weighing 40kg and sold for £88 each. The ewe lamb (on the right of the picture) will be retained for the commercial flock.

Although, due to lack of time, we do not enter prime lamb competitions we have sold tups to people who have enjoyed much success. John Hall, Inglewood Edge, James Whiteford, Tercrosset and David and Elizabeth Stuart, Mains of Dalrulzion are amongst some of the people who have bought tups off us to breed lambs to win primestock shows.


David and Elizabeth Stuart with lambs bred off Airyolland Java (left)

Prime Lambs

Beltex x Mule Lulu with her triplets



Lanark 2016

This year we had 5 lambs forward for the sale at Lanark on Thursday15th September.

This lot included 4 Pagan sons and one off Pagan son, Airyolland White Lightening. They sold to a top of 1400gns and averaged 860gns for the 5.


The lot kicked of with Airyolland Botticelli. Sold 950gns to A & A Meikle (Whindyke) Sired by Pagan and out of a Pirate ewe called Shelley.  Botticelli has extremely well developed gigots and an excellent skin that comes from the Pirate, Pagan mix.

Next in the lot selling for 1400gns to M Wainwright (Todhall) is another Pirate, Pagan mix with Airyolland Boogaloo being sired by Pagan and out of our excellent performing ewe Airyolland Shimmy.  We have sold his brother Bojangeles privately and are retaining another brother Bossa Nova to use at home. Following Boogaloo were Airyolland Banjo (650gns to B Ryder ) and Bon Jovi (650gns to J Smith Lancashire) who are maternal brothers to Airyolland Avicii sold last year at Lanark for 4600gns.

Final lamb in the lot is Airyolland Belier out of Pagan son, White Lightening. Belier is a large lamb with a backside to match sold for 650gns to M Wainwright (Todhall)

Beltex Airyolland Boogaloo frm Beltex bon Jovi & Banjo frm Beltex Airyolland Botticelli frm

Carlisle 2017

We sold 10 shearling rams and 2 ram lambs into the Beltex Sale at Carlisle. The rams sold well to a top of 2200gns for Banzai and the pen averaged 1500gns.

The lamb Clansman sold for 1200gns to G & L Robinson (Garla) and Cronus sold for 700gns to Messers McGhie.


The shearlings kicked off with Beetlejuice ARY B34 selling for 1600gns to G &S Sinclair who also bought later lot Bollywood ARY B005 for 1500gns. Second in the ring, Banzai sold for 2200gns to R & R Sharp (Belvoir View) followed by the deep muscled, Barabas heading to Mr V.J Roots (Freckleton) for 700gns. Super Mario son, Bollox, then made 600gns heading to HA Smith in Banffshire. This was followed by the blue, meaty Baltic selling to Cromwell farms for 1800gns. Brigadoon then followed in the ring selling to Jimmy Mulholland for 2000gns. Show tup Bullseye then made 1900gns and  headed to Northern Ireland to joint buyers  including Mr A Murray and son Ryan(Ravara) and Noel Rutherford. Then Nailer son, Beau Jest,  sold for 900gns to D Smith , Scobshaugh and finally Baloo completed the lot by selling to C & G Farming for 1000gns.

New Purchases

We made two new exciting additions to the Airyolland flock at Carlisle by buying Woodies Big Yin and  Cromwell Captain Cook. We bought Airyolland Weapon son, Woodies Big Yin for 10000gns in partnership with Kevin, Rachel, Jack and Tom Buckle and James McGarva. 

Cromwell Captain Cook, a Matt's Abracadabra son, caught our eye the day before and was 2000gns.

Ram Lambs

We  decided to sell two of our ram lambs at Carlisle this year.

First in the lot was Airyolland Clansman ARY C001, who is out of Airyolland Wummin who is a full sister to Wee Jimmy. Clansman sold for 1200gns and Cronus sold for 700gns.

Beltex Beauties 2017

Our 10 gimmers for the Beltex Beauties sale at Carlisle on 25th August sold very well to a top of 7000gns for Betty Boo and the lot averaged £2242 for the 10.


The lot included 3 Pagan daughters and with no more Pagan semen available this was a rare opportunity to purchase some of this bloodline. There was, however,  3 gimmers out of Pagan son, Airyolland White Lightening, who, like his father, breeds and excellent carcase on his progeny.

Two of the gimmers were out of Tercrosset Action Man who sired the first place shearling at the Royal Welsh.  Action Man has bred tremendously well for us with us using his son, Brigadoon, last year.

Finally there was a gimmer out of Ardtewart Mario and one out of Dooley Napal who are both well known for producing show winning females.


More details and pictures of the Beltex Beauties here>>>

Beltex Carlisle 17 Beltex Betty Boo sale

Kelso 2017


We sold10 shearling rams at Kelso to a top of £2000 and averaged £990 for the 10.


Our dearest shearling,  Airyolland Blackthorn ARY B076, a Napal son out of a Pagan ewe, Wisteria sold to Libby McAllister (Artnagullion). Then another Napal son, Barbarian ARY B074, sold for £1800 to Oliver Whiteley. Michael Owens (Glantre) then took home Pagan son Bandicoot ARY B002 for £1000. The final two Napal sons in the lot, Beastie Boy ARY B085 sold for £1050 and went home to R Mitchinson and Bonanza ARY B069 sold to Paul Simpson. We then sold an Airyolland Almighty son, Bashir ARY B087, to A & DA Higginson from Perthshire for £950.


Three Ardstewart Super Mario sons were to follow with Bracken ARY B166 selling for £850 to GH Walton, Bobba Fett ARY B174 for £700 to T W Sanderson and Balthazar ARY B162 for £550 to Messers Riddell and sons. The final ram in our consignment Airyolland Bond ARY B007 sold for £350 to Mr A Roper.

Beltex Kelso 2017

Carlisle 2018

Our 20th year of breeding Beltex has proved to be one to remember with Airyolland Castro selling for 65000gns at the premier sale at Carlisle. Our pen of shearlings went on to average £96285 for the 10.

Airyolland Castro is from a long line of home bred rams in his pedigree with him being sired by Airyolland Asulam, off Watchman, off Pagan, off Navajo, off Matador, off Klass Act who was off Airyolland Jellybean. He sold to Paul and Christine Tippetts (Hackney and Wilodge)


First ram in the lot Airyolland Chaos ARY C042 sold for 3600gns to CD Timm and family (Yorkie). This Almighty son was followed by another sired by Almighty out of excellent breeding ewe Shimmy. Used at home as a lamb, Conga ARY C014, sold to for 4400gns to Messers Taylor (Ochtermuthill) Then 3rd into the ring was our record breaker Castro ARY C095 at 65000gns who is an Asulam son out of Corstane Max daughter, Airyolland Tramp. He was followed by another Asulam son, Chocco ARY C095, selling for 2200gns to Stuart Wood (Woodies) Then Rathbone Bradley son, Cobalt  ARY C173, sold for 3600gns to Nathin Dakin (Panbeck) Then came a run of 5 Brigadoon sons led by Chillax ARY C119, who we used as a lamb ,and sold for 4200gns to young breeder Jack Monk (Monks)

The next Brigadoon son, Commander ARY C117 made 1500gns and went home to A Neaves (Peachy View) followed by Camelot ARY C148 selling for 2400gns to S Millman. The final two in the ring also made 2400gns each with Conan ARY C112 selling to Mike Owens (Glantre) and Cornelius ARY C114 selling to Oliver Thomlinson (Aitkon)

We also made two purchases with us taking a share in each of the two brothers Black Jack Calender Boy and Black Jack Casanova. These two tups not only caught our eye and impressed us with their deep muscling but their mother Callacrag Paris was an extremely impressive female Neale had admired when she was sold as a two crop ewe at the in lamb sale at the Winter Fair 2013. They are sired by the equally deep muscled Padkin Sugar Daddy.

Beltex Beauties 2018

We sold 11 Beltex Gimmers at this sale on the 31st August. This very smart pen of gimmers included Airyolland Cassiopeia a daughter of Aphrodite  who is a full sister to 7500gns Andromeda. Cassiopeia sold for our top price at 3600gns and the pen averaged £1450 for the 11.


Beltex Beauties Page>>>

Beltex Airyolland Conga Beltex Airyolland Chillax Beltex Airyolland Castro Beltex Shearling rams 18

Kelso 2018

This year we had forward 18 strong Beltex shearling rams in Ring 2  at the large, multibreed sale at Kelso.  We decided to sell the tups in Sire order starting with the Almighty sons. The first two tups in our lot, were naturally reared twins out of Waqeem daughter Annelise.

First in was ARY C087 Airyolland Confucious, a large, long, bare, extreme muscled,extremely mobile tup who was third in the pre sale show and went on to top the Beltex sale, selling for £4000 to JM Hall at Skipton. He was followed by his equally large, flashy, blue headed full brother, ARY C086 Airyolland Caracas, who also did well in the show coming in 7th. Caracas sold for £2200 to the judge J Knight Seascale, Cumbria. This pair of twins were followed by another naturally reared twin, the flashy, blue headed Airyolland Calvados ,ARY C025, who sold for £2400 to A&V Copland , Orkney. Then Airyolland Clickbait, ARY C065, who is full brother to Airyolland Clickety Click sold at the Beltex Beauties this year for 2300gns, sold for £1200 to J&G Sinclair, Crookston. The Almighty sons continued on with Airyolland Cartier, ARY C047, out of the stylish Airyolland Top Model ARY T140, selling for £1400 to SL Fotheringham, Perth. Airyolland Clegane, ARY C078, followed on selling for £1200 to W Lennox, Netherholm. Then Airyolland Compadre, ARY C030, sold for £1000 to JV Hodgson, County Durham; Airyolland Conor, ARY C052, sold for £1300 to NG Beveridge; Airyolland Close Shave ARY C035 sold for £900 to J Muir & Son at Dumfries and the final Almighty son Airyolland Constantine ARY C054 sold for £2000 to J Sinclair, Crookston.


Then, kicking off the Brigadoon sons were another pair of twins, Airyolland Callawadda, ARY C115 and Airyolland Carrington, ARY C116. These two long, deep muscled, blue headed tups out of Orkney Something Special daughter Waltzing Matilda, ARY W091, sold for £1250 and £1000 to McKill Maxwell Dumfries and S L Fotheringham Perth, respectively.

Then, Airyolland Cryptex, ARY C120, the full brother to Airyolland Chillax who we sold for 4200gns at Carlisle this year sold for £1000 to Benson Weymyss,Peebles and Airyolland Centurion,ARY C126, sold for £720 to R Hall 7 Son, Inglewood Edge. The final Brigadoon son in the run Airyolland Cryptic ARY C127 then sold for £1000 to JV Hodgson County Durham.

The next two sheep in the lot were Rathbone Bradley sons led by Airyolland Cavalier, ARY C180, a long, very blue tup, out of Airyolland White Lady ARY W129. Cavalier sold for £2400 to Mr Seymour at Penrith. The the next Bradley son Airyolland Chaziel, ARY C162, sold for £550 to T&C Robinson North Yorkshire.

The final tup in the lot, Airyolland Chumbawamba ARY C003, an Airyolland Galliano son out of the renowned Airyolland Rihanna conluded our sale selling for £880 to Mr DA Dagg Melrose.  The pen of tups averaged £1470 for the 18.


Beltex Airyolland Caracas Kelso Beltex 18 Beltex airyolland calvados

Beltex Beauties 2019


We had 9 Beltex gimmers forward at the Beltesx Beauties sale at Carlisle on the 30th August

They sold to a top of 3800gns for Airyolland Duchess and averaged £1110 for the 9 .


More info here >>>


 Also more pictures and videos and regular updates head to our Instagram page @Airyolland

Carlisle 2019

We had another good year at Carlisle selling our 10 shearling rams to a top of 7000gns and averaging £2226 for the 10.  First in the ring, of this lot was Airyolland Del Amitri, ARY D071, a big, powerful, blue ram out of Avicii's full sister, Avril Lavigne ARY A124. Del Amitri was used very successfully as a lamb and sired by the high index ram, Callacrag Crack-A-Jack who we had on loan as a ram lamb. Del Amitri sold jointly to Rachel Storey (Rachel's) and James Mulholland (Liscon) for 1400gns. He was followed in the ring by the strikingly marked Airyolland Dipstick ARY D134. This  flashy headed, deep muscled ram has a huge black patch all over his gigots and underbelly. Sired by 10000gns Woodies Big Yin he was the first of 3 sons, in the lot, out of Airyolland Aphrodite who is full sister to 7500gns Andromeda. He sold for 1600gns to TC Whiteford (Tercrosset)   His full brother Airyolland Dreadnought  followed  him into the ring selling for 1000gns to D&C Marston (Easgill). The other full brother, the lively Airyolland Dynamo ARY D135 sold for 2200gns to M J Ludgate (JML)


Next in were two Woodies Big Yin sons out of Airyolland Wee Jimmy's full sister, Airyolland Wummin', Airyolland Deuchars ARY D121 and Airyolland Dewar ARY D120. Both of these very blue and deep muscled shearlings had been used very successfully as lambs. Deuchars sold for 7000gns to Andrew John Wood (Withy Trees) and Dewar sold for 2500gns to Anne Storey (Borderesk)

The flashy, bare Airyolland Dark Dawn ARY D086 sired by Tercrosset Action Man and out of Pagan sired, White Dawn followed on and sold for 2100gns to S Millman, Brackenslack.   Then Airyolland Divinity ARY D103 sired by Matt's Abracadabra son, Cromwell Captain Cook out of Pagan sired Advent sold for 700gns to AE Claridge Knowle Hill.


Then selling for 2100gns to T&C Robinson (Brayshaw)  was the second Callacrag Crack-A-Jack son in the lot Airyolland Dorado ARY D154 a very mobile tup out of Airyolland Bona Ventura.

Final tup in the lot was Airyolland Demigod a Cromwell Captain Cook son out of Tercrosset Action man daughter Airyolland Bees Knees.  Demigod sold for 700gns to young breeder B & J Scott (Wallingfen) for 700gns.


We also made a purchase of a new stock tup buying the 9000gns Ardstewart Dare Devil in partnership with James McGarva (Horseclose) and Kevin, Jack and Tom Buckle (Buckles)

Beltex rams 2 carlisle 19 Airyolland Deuchars beltex Beltex Airyolland Beauties

Kelso 2019

We had a strong selection of 19 tups forward for the Kelso ram sales this year and despite being sold later in the day we had a great trade selling to a top of 2000gns twice and averaging £995 for the 19.


Leading our prices at £2000 were two Woodies Big Yin sons, Airyolland Double Decker ARY D160, and Airyolland  Demetrius ARY D137. Double Decker, out of Dooley Napal bred ewe, Airyolland Bounty, sold to J & G Sinclair, Crookston and Airyolland Demetrius out of Airyolland Aphrodite, sold to J G Richardson, Low Garth.  

This was followed closely by the meaty, blue Rathbone Bradley son, Airyolland Dark Knight ARY D185, out of Rihanna daughter, Airyolland Bucks Fizz, selling for £1700 to P W Simpson Highscale Farm.


A £1500 bid secured Airyolland Chillax son, Airyolland Dizzee Rascal ARY D01 who was an embryo out of Airyolland Azrael, for J.W Storey, Haltwistle.

Joint purchasers W Brown, Hilton of Culsh and Coghill, Orkney then took home another Airyolland Chillax son , Airyolland Ding Dong ARY D015 for £1400. Airyolland Ding Dong's twin brother,  Airyolland Dynamic ARY D014, went on to sell for £650 to A Dagg, Melrose. Also selling for £1400 was Airyolland Diplomat ARY D075, a Callacrag Crack-A-Jack son out of Airyolland Baby Face who went home to A E Glaves Scarborough.


3 tups then made £900, led by Airyolland Digger ARY D065, an Airyolland Conga son out of Airyolland Beauty Queen, selling to J & G Sinclair, Crookston and followed by Airyolland Dogma ARY D107, a Cromwell Captain Cook son out of Airyolland Alleycat selling to M E Hall, Brampton. The final tup at £900 was the Callacrag Crack-A-Jack son, Airyolland Def Lepard ARY D072, out of Rihanna daughter Airyolland Avril Lavigne selling to R Mortimer, Whitby.


Twin brothers  by Airyolland Chillax Airyolland Donald Duck ARY D018 and Airyolland Daffy Duck ARY D019 out of Airyolland Betty Boop made £800 and £500 selling to J Muir and son  Mouwald and R Wallace & Co Castle Douglas respectively.

Another two Cromwell Captain Cook sons Airyolland Datari ARY D101 and Airyolland Dupree ARY D099 sold well. Datari out of Airyolland Wamil sold to R Ridley, Penrith, for £700 and Dupree out Airyolland Waheeda sold for £650 to P W Simpson, Highscale Farm.  Also selling for £650, to D Hodge Auchinleck. was the final Chillax son in the lot, Airyolland Desperado ARY D012, out of Airyolland Adrienne.

Another at £650 was Airyolland Dierama ARY D151, a Woodies Big Yin son out of Airyolland Tulip who went home to C Gordon, Aberdeenshire. This was followed by another Woodies Big Yin son, Airyolland Drogba ARY D155, out of Airyolland Allessandra, also heading to Aberdeenshire to Cobbleheugh farm. Also heading north to a new home was Airyolland Daybreak, ARY D158, a Woodies Big Yin son out of Airyolland Acanthus who made £550 selling to George Harley in Kinross. The final tup in the lot, a Cromwell Captain Cook son,  Airyolland Dangermouse ARY D117, sold for £400 to R Ivory Hertfordshire.



Beltex kelso 19