Airyolland Farm

History of Airyolland Beltex

Our regular consignment for Kelso were also  in demand with our best shearling , 3369/380 (pictured right),

 selling for £1500 to Alan Lecky (Dergview). We sold 18 shearling rams, at Kelso 2003, to average £747



It was one of these imported tups that achieved our highest price for 2003 when we made the decision to enter 4 tups for the Society sale at Carlisle in addition to our regular consignment for Kelso. The imported shearling ram, bred by Gilbert Dossche, 4062/0/2360 (pictured left) sold for 2800gns to Mr P Tippets.

Beltex ram 406202360


The year 2004 was a good year for our Beltex flock.  At the breed's premier sale at Carlisle Airyolland Galahad sold for the top price of the day at 13,000 gns. (record price for a Beltex shearling & 2nd highest price ever for a Beltex at that time) He was followed in the ring by his full brother Airyolland Galliano who sold to Anne Story(Borderesk) for 1600gns.


 The eight shearling rams we sold that day averaged 2800 gns.At the Kelso ram sales we took 16 shearling rams to sell at the days top price of £1100 and to average £506. Although we specialise in selling shearlings we decided to put forward a ram lamb for the Inaugural sale of Beltex rams, at Lanark Market on Thursday the 16th of September 2004.  We sold AIRYOLLAND HERCULES for the day's top price of 1600 gns.  He is a February born son of Mary Dunlop's stock sire called Dirk. He was sold to Kevin and Rachel Buckle of Kirby Stephen, Cumbria.


Beltex gimmer goldie

Just to round off a good year we won first prize gimmer and reserve champion at the sale of females at Lanark in December 2004.  

AIRYOLLAND GOLDIE,pictured above, went on to sell for the days top price of 3000gns.  She went to Brian Ryder at Newton Farm, Annan Water, Moffat.

gallahad Beltex ram resized001beltexdyke

Airyolland Galahad was used as a ram lamb on the flock and, the next year, at Carlisle 2005, one of his lambs, Airyolland Hunter (pictured), was sold for 5,000gns. One of our imported tups 4001/4/965, who later became known as The Hulk, sold to Mr D Brown, Northern Ireland, (Brownville) for 2500gns.


Our female numbers built up quickly therefore we didn't need to import any ram lambs to turn out as shearlings and from now on only sold home bred sheep.

During 2007, due to FMD, restrictions our Carlisle sale shearlings were sold privately with notable rams such as King of Clubs (pictured right) being bought by James Whiteford, Tercrosset and Airyolland Klass Act being bought by John Hall, Inglewood Edge. We retained Airyolland Kingsize, pictured left,  who won three breed championships at local shows that year, for our stock ram.

kingsize wigtown07


The next day at the sale of rams the flock experienced another good day.  Our best shearling ram Airyolland Loyalty (pictured left) sold for 4800gns.  He was sired by Great Scott and goes to Wales to join the Glantre flock which is owned by Michael Owens.

 Loyalty is now well known as sire to Glantre Norris who has sired tups up to 10000gns and is also sire to Glantre Royce who sold for 9000gns in 2012.


Kingsize son, Airyolland Le Grand went for 3200gns to Mr Paul Tippets and Christine Williams from Hackney.  Paul is a returning customer, he had previously bought another ram from us in 2003.




In 2008 it was Kingsize's two full sisters Looby Loo and Looby Lie turn to take the limelight.

Looby Loo won four breed championships at Stranraer, Wigtown, Colmonell and Dumfries - one better than her brother!


 Then Looby Lie went on to sell at the 2008 Breed Society sale at Carlisle   for the record breaking price of 6000gns.


Kingsize, Looby Loo and Looby lie were out of Airyolland Hepzibah who is still going strong and breeding well for the Airyolland flock with progeny  such as Papparazzi (Stranraer Show Champion 2011),  Peeka Boo (bought privately by Henry Jewitt ) and Panache who was retained and is breeding very well.

Beltex Gimmer Loobie Lie2


2008 was also a milestone in the flock's history when we decided to start performance recording with Signet.  Results are very promising with Kingsize being ranked second in the Signet list of  Top Stock Sires 2010 in order of Gigot Muscularity EBV, second only to his sire Great Scott who is the top ranked in the breed for Gigot muscularity.  


Kingsize grandson, Pirate, is ranked first in the Signet list of  Top Stock Sires 2011 in order of Gigot Muscularity EBV with a massive gigot EBV  of 4.18.

 Looby Lie 6000gns at Carlisle 

King of Clubs- Another great ram out of Airyolland Hepzibah

Dam  Airyolland Hepzibah

Sire- Airyolland Jack High



Dam:  Airyolland Hepzibah

Sire:   Airyolland Great Scott

2008 will be a year to remember for the Airyolland flock of Beltex sheep.  At the breed's premier sale at Carlisle we won the Supreme Championship at the pre-sale show on Thursday the 14th of August. The winning animal was a yearling ewe called Looby-Lie.  She was sold that evening for a record breaking 6000gns to Anne and Peter Moss from Barnard Castle.  


Our nine females sold for an  average price of £1441. The following day our ten shearling rams sold to average £1885.

Another returning customer was Mr Brian Breaks of the Bonstone flock.  Brian bought a ram from us in 2007 and had the loan of Airyolland Loadsamoney as a lamb last year.  He must have been pleased with the results as he bought Loadsamoney, also sired by Kingsize, for 2500gns

Beltex shearling ram L10



Airyolland Le Grand

Carlisle 2009


An  entry of 997 Beltex at the Premier sale at Carlisle made this the biggest ever sale of Beltex sheep. There was sure to be plenty on offer to attract the buyers  to such a large sale.  Beltex females were in demand and on the Thursday night our 10 gimmers averaged 580gns. Our dearest, Airyolland Merribel, made 1220gns and sold to Miss K McCornick who is starting a new Beltex flock.


The following day our trade started with a bang with our first tup in the ring, ARY M41 Airyolland Maclaren, selling for 2800gns to Thimbleby Farms, North Yorkshire. This was followed shortly after by, maternal brother to Loyalty, Airyolland MacDuff ARY M34 , who was used at home, selling for 2100 gns to Mr H Jewitt, Co Durham.


Trade was brisk and our  shearlings averaged 1220gns for 10.



Lanark 2009


Demand for Beltex tups continued at the Scottish Club Sale where, once again, the buyers had a choice from the biggest ever entry of Beltex, at Lanark. The day started well for us with Airyolland Mayhem winning 1st prize out of a huge class of  shearlings in the pre sale show.  He later went on to sell for 2000gns, the top price for a shearling that day, to Ian Hunter, Dalchirla. We also had third highest priced shearling of the day with Airyolland Matador selling for 1600gns to Paul Tippets and Christine Williams, Shropshire.  We averaged 860gns for 9 sold.     



            7 of Airyolland Shearlings, Carlisle '05. 12 sold Ave £1404. 


 Airyolland Jumpstart, a son of Hunter was sold the following year, 2006, at Carlisle for 3,200gns to Brian Hall (Ainstable)

Beltex sheep Looby loo frm Beltex Ram Mayhem name Beltex shearling matadorname

The following day we had a successful day's trading selling the sale's second highest priced shearling, Airyolland Nailer,  and managing to buy a third share in a new stock tup, Dooley Napal, for 18000gns. Although we were late in the sale we sold Airyolland Nailer in a three way split to Anne Story (Borderesk), James Whiteford (Tercrosset) and John Metcalfe (Edenfauld) for 10 000gns. Last losser was Mr JL McMillan (Clary). Another Kingsize son Airyolland No Thanks sold for 3000gns to WG Beckwith (Sharpaw). Brian Breaks returned to buy his 4th shearling off us Airyolland Nom De Plume for 620gns. The 9 shearlings averaged 1870gns.

Beltex ram hunter nm Beltex ram Napal frmnm Airyolland Beltex king of clubs Beltex Loyalty frm beltex carlisle 2009 ring


The AIRYOLLAND flock of Beltex sheep was started after Neale went to view Scotch Mules he had exported to France and saw the Beltex lambs they were rearing. The Belgian breeder, Willem Verbeckmoes, put Neale in touch with breeders of this carcase breed in Belgium, As a result in 1998 we imported 11 Gimmers from Belgium from a noted breeder called Bernard Stephany.  They were inseminated with a Dutch ram called Van Aken The Mighty.  Lambing time in the spring of 1999 was a steep learning curve for us.  Pregnant Beltex sheep should not be fed too much!!!


When we restocked in the aftermath of FMD new stock was imported from Belgium.  The nucleus forming our new flock were ewes from top Belgium breeders Gilbert Dossche, Jos Hoefkens, Willi Werbrouk and Raf Feryn.  The flock now numbers around 150 females.


This mammoth 2 day sale of 1118 pedigree Beltex turned out to be particularly successful for us. The first day females were in great demand and our first gimmer, Airyolland Nicker Bocker Glory, sold for 1200gns to Harry Emslie and Lynwen Evans for their new Beltex flock. This was followed by Airyolland Nugget selling to Irish breeder P Brolly for 850gns.

Beltex shearling tups Carlisle 10

To find out more about Airyolland Nailer click here...

Beltex Shearling Rams sold Carlisle 2010 Averaged 1870 gns

In The Begining

Our initial intent was to present a pen of good carcased, commercial shearlings at Kelso Ram Sales every year. In 2000 we presented 9 shearlings at Kelso and in 2002 there were 25 in the lot leading us to decide to try selling some of the lambs we were importing as shearlings at the Society Sale in Carlisle.

Kelso 2011

Despite having a late draw at Kelso our 5 rams sold well, to a top of £950 and an average of £520 for the 5. Our top price sheep, with a muscle depth of 1.16 (top 10% in the breed), sold to Hans Porksen, Gallowshill

Beltex rams 10frm

Carlisle 2011

The 10 Beltex rams pictured sold at the Beltex Premier Sale at Carlisle 2011 to a top of 1600gns and averaged £810. The 5 gimmers sold to a top of 650gns and averaged 500gns.


Our top priced tup on the day was Airyolland Propaganda, ARY P071, a Muscleman  son who sold for 1600gns to G Pyman (Thacka). This was followed by Nailer son Airyolland Proclaimer making 1300gns to Messers R Garth (Keasden). Two shearling tups made the 800gns mark with Airyolland Paparazzi, ARY P03, selling to D F Hughes (Tredath) in Anglesey and Airyolland Pharoah, ARY P72, selling to C Mellor, Chathill. Other notable prices were CR Fawcet bidding to 750gns  to buy Navajo son, ARY P39, Airyolland Peden. Messers DI & A Gray (Digga's) took Nailer son, ARY P022 Airyolland Pharisee, home for 650gns. Last tup in the lot Airyolland Pied Piper ARY P012 sold to S Pepper (Leeshaw) for 520gns.

Stock sires

Over the years there have been several influential stock sires in the flock.The first most significant to the flock would be the Stockman tup from Belgium, 4100/0/1927 - Van 't Rozenaken (4100/0/1927) Attending Deize show in Belgium in 2002 Neale had seen him tied up outside the town hall  and since he couldn't manage to persuade the breeder to sell him he  managed to arrange the purchase of semen which gave rise to Galahad, Galliano and Great Scott and many influential females whose family lines are still strong in the flock.          Click on the links to read more about some of our home bred and purchased stock sires. Airyolland Kingsize>>>

Airyolland Pagan>>>                           Airyolland Nailer>>>                     Airyolland Pirate>>>

Beltex ram Kelso 2003

Lanark 2011

We had 6 Beltex shearling rams forward for sale at Lanark on Thursday 15th September. They sold to a top price of 900gns with Airyolland Pacman selling to Mr RJ Lambert, Skipton. Our first shearling in the ring, Airyolland Patriot, who was 3rd prize in the pre sale show, was bought by Miss K McCornick ( Kate's) Wigtownshire for 800gns.The pen of shearlings averaged 550 for 6 sold.


Shearlings Carlisle 2012

We had 10 shearlings for sale at the huge sale of 725 shearling rams.  Despite the fact that we sold late in the day, 5th from the end of ring 2, our rams still all found good homes and reached a top of 1800gns and averaged 830gns for 10 sold.

 Pen leader, Airyolland Revenge,ARY R104, who is a full brother to Pirate was our highest priced shearling selling at 1800 gns to Beltex breeders, Lee and Claire Whitaker (Duddon) Kirkby in Furness, Cumbria.  Then Airyolland Rookie sold  to another breeder by the name of Whitaker. This time Rookie, an Airyolland Picador son, sold for 1300gns to J, I &A Whitaker of Bowsber farm Lancashire.

Airyolland Renegade full brother to Revenge ARY R104 went north to J Buchan of Torrax farm Kirriemuir, Angus for 800gns. Also heading North was Pirate son Airyolland Red Beard who sold to Bruce Mair (Aviemore) and Ross Williams (Blackjack) , Aberdeenshire for 700gns.

Lambs Carlisle 2012

In 2012 we sold 2 Signet recorded ram lambs at Carlisle. They were the result of a flushing program from one of our best gimmers, Airyolland Panache, ARY P087.  She is full sister to Airyolland Kingsize and the 6000gns gimmer, Airyolland Looby Lie.  

Their sire is Woodies Rock-N-Roll, a Woodies Pheunominal son out of Lugate Natasha.


Airyolland Sovereign ARY S021 was scanned for muscle depth and measured a massive 41.1 mm, the largest measurement of all Beltex lambs at Airyolland.  Sold to Donald Douglas (Beechcross) for 1500gns.

Airyolland Senator ARY S023 sold to Richard and Rachel Sharp (Belvoir View) for 1000gns.

Airyolland Skywalker ARY S025 was our highest index Beltex ram lamb at Airyolland and sold privately from off farm to John Scott (Fearn)


Full brother to these two, Airyolland Souvenir, ARY S026 (index 227) sold at Carlisle 2013 to Colin Barnes for 2000gns.


Kelso 2012

We topped the Beltex section of Kelso ram sale with Napal son, Airyolland Remus,  selling for £1700. Remus was a triplet out of Airyolland Nae Life, ARY N6388, who has proved to be full of life,  producing triplets or quads every year. She produces bare skinned extreme muscled sheep and her daughters are all performing very well in the flock.

Beltex lamb pagan 3 Beltex tup lamb 3 nm

Lanark 2012

We had 5 ram lambs forward for sale at Lanark on 20th September.

We sold to a top price of 1000gns for Pagan son Airyolland Scaramanga, ARY S62, who goes to join the Lethans flock of Mr A Shaw, West Lethans, Dunfermline.


Our other Pagan son, Airyolland Socrates, ARY S63,  was second in the pre sale show and went on to sell for 650gns to M Boustead, High Lane, NewBigginng on Lune, Cumbria.

This was followed by Airyolland Skibo, ARY S117, selling to George Cropper(Hudhey) Accrington, Lancashire for 450gns.

Airyolland Sultan, ARY S152 was bought by J & G Howieson for 350gns and goes to join the Lamberhurst flock in Somerset. Finally Airyolland Shoogle sold to J Jamieson for 200gns.

Our 7 shearlings sold to a top of 800gns for Airyolland Roscoe ARY R58 selling to returning customer Ian Smith Glenmoy, Kirriemuir, Angus.

Carlisle 2013

Our pen of 10 Beltex shearlings sold well at Carlisle with Pagan son, Airyolland Sundance, ARY S067,  taking the lead and selling to pedigree Beltex breeder Michael Owens for 3000gns.

The 10 shearlings averaged £1180.

We also managed to buy, in partnership with Kevin and Rachel Buckle and James McGarva, a new stock tup Ardstewart Super Mario for 16000gns.

ARY S134 Beltex frmnm Beltex Sheep Super Mario nm