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For Sale

At various times of the year we have stock available for sale from off the farm. 

Listed below some of the forthcoming  sales that we will be selling at and stock that is for sale direct from the farm.

Visitors are always welcome and if you have any enquiries you can contact us here>>> 

Semen for sale

We have semen available for sale from


Airyolland Kingsize.


Full brother to Loobie-Lie


and the sire of  Airyolland Nailer


More about Kingsize..

Airyolland Kingsize frm



Airyolland Pagan

There is no more semen available for sale off Airyolland Pagan. We will be taking semen off a new sire Airyolland Almighty ARY A66. More details above.

 Pagan's lambs impressed us with their length and growth rate.

At Lanark 2014  we sold Pagan son, Airyolland Waltzer ARY W52, who at 2300gns was the top priced ram at the sale that day.

In June 2013 a pair of lambs off Pagan were first in the large commercial section at Haddington show.

We used his sons Airyolland Slingshot and Aiiryolland Spock and are very impressed with the muscling and length of their progeny.  Slingshot is breeding very well in Wales and has sired ram lambs to 4000gns.

One of our show gimmers off Pagan was Champion beltex at Wigtown Show 2013 and two of Pagan's sons sold very well at Carlisle 2013 for 3000gns and 1600gns.The 4 shearlings off him at Kelso 2014 also sold well with our top priced one at £1550 being off him. In 2015 Our top priced ram at Carlisle, 4000gns Wild One, and our top priced ram at Kelso , 4000gns Weapon,were both sired by Pagan.


More about Pagan... 


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Beltex Beauties

Due to the increasing size of our flock we made the decision to make a select group of 10 to 15 gimmers available for sale at the Beltex Beauties each year.






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Beltex shearling rams and ram lambs.

Shearling rams will be available for sale at Carlisle and Kelso in August and September. Rams are also available from home and a large selection of rams available suitable to all tastes.

Home sale rams all now sold


Semen is available from Airyolland Almighty ARY A066

More details...

Beltex Airyolland Andromeda crop Kelso Beltex 2016 3 Airyolland Almighty frm 2 Beltex Betty Boo sale

Beltex 4 crop Ewes

This year's crop of 4 crop ewes are now all sold. Thank you for all enquiries.

beltex ewes 4 crop Beltex rams home sale