Airyolland Farm

In Lamb Beltex ewes 2014

This year we presented 12 ewes at the in-lamb sale at Carlisle on 12th December.

The ewes were catalogued in the order they were tagged in as lambs.


The ewes were A.I'd on the 5th of October to Ardstewart Supermario who was bought at Carlisle 2013 for 16000gns. only one ewe returned and she is in lamb to SuperMario son, Airyolland Waqueem ARY W176


Sale report

Our 4 crop ewes sold very well with Airyolland Nisha leading our trade, selling at 820gns. The 12 ewes averaged £695.

Beltex Leofrm Beltex Super Mariofrm Beltex Kingsize frm

Airyolland Kingsize- Sire of ARY N6370, ARY N6383

In-lamb ewes details

Beltex N6370 frm

Airyolland Nancy ARY N6370


Sire -Airyolland Kingsize ARY K13

Dam- Airyolland Kahula ARY K58

Scanned - 1

SOLD - 750gns _ J & G Sinclair (Crookston)


Nancy is a typically large Kingsize daughter with an attractive blue colouring in her head.

As she was born very late in the year (16/5/09) Nancy missed getting her tail docked. However despite her late birth she has grown into one of the largest sheep in the lot. She consistently passes this growth rate onto her progeny with Airyolland Spot, pictured right, selling well at Kelso 2013 for 1100gns.

Airyolland Nerual  ARY N6383


Sire Airyolland Kingsize ARY K13

Dam Airyolland Janet ARY J48


Scanned - 1

SOLD 480gns J Ballantyne (Roadend)


This Kingsize daughter has inherited the deep gigots of her father, as can be seen in the photo. Her mother is out of one of the last ewes from the flock of Jos Hoefkens. Nerual's daughter Roslyn is breeding well in the flock

Airyolland Nottie  ARY N6395


Sire Newton Leo BRN L367

Dam Airyolland Lottie ARY L93


Scanned - 1

SOLD 650gns -  G Mathias (Buarth)


This smart headed Leo daughter is out of a King of Clubs daughter Airyolland Lottie who in turn was out of a full sister to Great Scott. She bears the bare skin and good gigots of this bloodline. Being one of the flock favourites she was flushed in 2011 and has daughters performing well in the flock. Sectioned in 2011 as the single lamb she was carrying was coming backwards.

4 crop beltex ewes Beltex N6395

Airyolland Nisha ARY N6397


Sire Newton Leo BRN L637

Dam Airyolland Laurentia ARY L070


Scanned - 2

SOLD 820gns- D Riley (Bark Hill)


Airyolland Nisha has bred very well at Airyolland producing both Airyolland Stormtrooper and Airyolland Waiamaru W125, pictured right, who is currently running with all our ewes.

Nisha is a breeder who passes on her great carcase to her progeny.  


Beltex off nisha frm2

Airyolland Waimaru ARY125- son of Nisha

Airyolland Noblesse ET ARY N6416


Sire Airyolland Mercedes ARY M024

Dam Airyolland Honor ARY H030


Scanned - 3

SOLD G Mathais (Buarth)


Airyolland Noblesse is a maternal sister to Airyolland Loyalty. Her father Mecedes was a blue very well muscled ram.

Airyolland Noblesse has bred very well and is mother to Airyolland Wingman ARY W128 who is one of our front running tup lambs this year.

Airyolland National Treasure ET ARY N6430


Sire  Airyolland Macduff ARY.M034

Dam Airyolland Joules ARY.J67


Scanned - 3

SOLD 720gns - J Scott (Fearn)


National Treasure also has an amazing pedigree. Her mother Airyolland Joules  was sold as a 4 crop ewe to George Cropper for 1600gns at the in lamb sale in 2010.

One of the triplet lambs Joules was carrying inside her at the sale grew up to became the mother of the shearling Hudhey Tenacious who sold for 9500gns which was a record price  for Skipton Auction Mart this year.

Airyolland North Star ET ARY N6425


Dam  - Airyolland Gwendoline ARY.G31

Sire - Airyolland Macduff ARY.M034


Scanned- 2

SOLD 650gns - J Nettleton (Hollybank)


North Star was the result of a flush out of one of the best ewes we've ever had in the flock, Airyolland Gwendoline. Gwendoline was also mother to Kizzy who was mother of 10000gns Nailer.

North Star has bred very well with us and her daughter, the aptly named Rising Star, is following in the footsteps of the exceptional females in this bloodline.

North Star not only has an exceptional damline but her sire Airyolland Macduff is a maternal brother to Airyolland Loyalty. We used Macduff as a lamb and sold him for 2100 gns to Mr H Jewitt, Co Durham at Carlisle 2009.

Beltex N6433 frm

Airyolland Nelly Kilpatrick ARY N6433


Sire AIryolland Macduff ARY M34

Dam Airyolland Kelpie ARY K83


Scanned - 2

SOLD 500gns Miss C Everitt


Nelly's dam is out of the twin sister of Great Scott and Nelly is typical of this bloodline that goes straight back to Great Scott.

She is bare skinned  and has deep gigots.

We used her son Airyolland Scotsman in the flock as a lamb.  




Beltex N6434 2frm

Airyolland Now Now ARY N6432


Sire  Airyolland Macduff ARY.M034

Dam  Airyolland Love Bird ARY.L055


Scanned - 3

SOLD 600gns J Nettleton (Hollybank)


Now Now is another Macduff daughter that has bred well with us. She is mother of Airyolland Socrates. He is pictured right at 2 weeks old.

Her Daughter Red Dawn is also breeding very well in the flock.


Airyolland Novia Scotia ARY N6434


Sire Airyolland Macduff ARY.M034

Dam  Airyolland Kelpie ARY.K083


Scanned - 2

SOLD 700gns  T & C Robinson (Brayshaw)


Novia Scotia is twin sister to the previous ewe, Nelly Kilpatrick. As her name suggests she goes back to the Scottish line of Great Scott and bears the characteristic bare skin and gigots to match.

Airyolland Novice ARY N6438


Sire Airyolland Macduff ARY.M034

Dam Airyolland Lambada ARY.L065


Scanned - 2

SOLD 800gns - D Riley ( Bark Hill)


Novice is the first lot out of our pair of twins out of the Kingsize daughter, Airyolland  Lambada to be offered for sale.  She is a striking looking ewe and has left us with good females in the flock with especially Shake Yer Booty already showing promise.


Airyolland Next Step ARY N6439


Sire Airyolland Macduff ARY.M034

Dam Airyolland Lambada ARY.L065


Scanned - 2

SOLD 650gns - J Scott (Fearn)


Next Step, twin sister to the previous lot has bred very well in our flock. She is dam of Airyolland Shimmy who is dam of Airyolland Waltzer who was top price at Lanark Beltex ram sale this year selling at 2300gns. Next Step reared twins this year and her son Waltztime ARY W90 is also looking very promising.

She returned to the A.I and was tupped on 22/10/14 to Super Mario son, Airyolland Waqueem ARY W176.

Beltex N6439 frm

Newton Leo BRN L637 Sire of Nottie and Nisha

Beltex N6438frm Beltex N6425frm Beltex N6430frm Beltex N6383frm Beltex N6397

Airyolland Nurse Kitty ARY N6448


Sire  Airyolland Macduff ARY.M034

Dam Felis 4062/0/3541


Scanned - 2

SOLD 620gns - D Riley (Bark Hill)


Nurse Kitty is unique in the fact that she is out of one of our last  imports we brought in ten years ago. Felis was from the Dossche flock and was sired by the renowned 4064/0220 tup that was used by a few flocks in Belgium. She definitely has a more old fashioned look about her but when married up with the right tup she does well.

Sire References

Beltex N6432frm2 Beltex 6416 2frm Beltex Spot frm Beltex Nurse Kittyfrm

All ewes apart form one are in lamb to Ardstewart SuperMario, purchased in 2013 for the top price at Carlisle that year of 16000gns.

Beltex lamb pagan 3