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In Lamb Beltex ewes

In Lamb Ewes 2015

This year the sale of our in lamb ewes turned into a bit of a family affair with two of the ewes being reunited with their respectives siblings that had been sold over 4 years earlier. This regular draft of 4 crop ewes included some top performers in the flock who have done very well for us. Our top priced ewe Pride was bought for 1550gns by Giles Pyman (Thacka) who had bought her full brother, Propaganda,as a shearling in 2011. Second into the ring was Panache, bought by Henry Jewitt for 1100gns, reuniting her with her full sister Peek-a-boo who Henry had bought back in 2010. The pen of ewes averaged 1040gns.

Service Details 

The ewes, apart from Pride, were A.I'd on the 6th of October to Ardstewart Supermario who was bought at Carlisle 2013 for 16000gns. Pride was A.I'd to Dooley Napal.    Scanned on 1/12/15.

Lot 121 Airyolland Panache ET  ARY P87


Sire -  Airyolland Great Scott ARY G01

Dam - Airyolland Hepzibah ARY H32

Served on 21.10.15 by Ardstewart Super Mario


Scanned -1

SOLD - 1150gns H Jewitt (Jewitt)

Airyolland Panache is a large ewe with a huge gigot ebv of 5.98. She consistently passes this trait onto her lambs which has led her to breed large, full muscled shearlings and lambs sold at Carlisle.  We flushed her very successfully both in 2013 and 2014. This year she reared an excellent pair of twins (pictured) We have also used her progeny very effectively in the flock with her son, Airyolland Watchman being the sire of Airyolland Avicii, sold for 4600gns at Lanark this year.

She is full sister to both Kingsize and 6000gns Airyolland Looby Lie and a maternal sister to Airyolland King of Clubs.


Notable progeny, off Panache, includes Airyolland Sovereign and Airyolland Souvenir,  who have both done well at shows for their owners.

This year our pen of shearlings at Carlisle averaged £1995 for 9 and Panache  had 3 out of the 9 rams in the pen, Airyolland Watchman, Airyolland Wrangler and Airyolland Walkabout. Her daughters have all been retained with Airyolland Snowball breeding particularly well

Lot 125 Airyolland Pourquoi ET ARY P91


Sire - Airyolland Nailer ARY N6293

Dam - Airyolland Jeuneusse ARY J74


Scanned -1


This smart daughter of 10000gns Nailer consistently breeds bare, hard muscled, typey Beltex. Her son, Airyolland Sputnik, was our top priced Beltex at Kelso 2013 selling for £1550 to John and Joanne Hall. She also had a shearling in  this year's pen at Kelso which sold for £1050 to George Harley in Kinross. She is the only ewe in the group to have been sectioned. This was in 2013 and in 2015 but she lambed fine in 2014 and 2012.

After consideration and the fact that she was carrying a single we decided that we wanted to ensure she would not not have another section therefore she should be carefully managed at home and we withdrew her from the sale.

Lot 123 Airyolland Pippi ARY P105


Sire - Airyolland Nailer ARY N6293

Dam - Airyolland Morgan Le Fey ARY M97



SOLD - 520gns T & C Robinson (Brayshaw)


Pippi is off 10000gns Nailer. Nailer's influence is obvious in her head, skinny tail and deep muscling. Pippi is eye candy and she knows it! For those who appreciate the Belgian look, this girl has it.

Lot 124 Airyolland Phillibeg ARY P117


Sire - Airyolland Navajo ARY N6344

Dam - Airyolland Kay ARY K 69


Scanned -2

SOLD -  J Nettleton (Hollybank)

This bare, blue ewe is sired by Navajo, who also is sire of Pagan. She is off the Scottish line with her mother being sired by Great Scott. This means she always breeds tight skinned, meaty sheep.

She is mother of Airyolland Wee Jimmy who we sold, as a ram lamb last year at Lanark, for 1800gns to the Aviemore, Orkney and Woodwick flocks.

Lot 126 Airyolland Padme P121

Sire - Airyolland Navajo ARY N6344

Dam - Airyolland Honor ARY H30


Scanned -2

SOLD - 1000gns J Nettleton (Hollybank)

Last of the lot but by no means least is Airyolland Padme who is a maternal sister to Airyolland Loyalty, who was sold to the Glantre flock for 4800gns and is sire of Glantre Norris and Glantre Royce. She is also maternal sister to Airyolland Macduff who  we used as a lamb and then sold for 2100gns to Mr H Jewitt, Co Durham at Carlisle 2009.

The depth of breeding in this ewe goes on, with her mother being out of the full sister to Galahad and Galliano's mother.

This is the last female out of Honor that will be available for sale.

Lot 120 Airyolland Pride ARY P150


Sire - Clary Muscleman COC M47

Dam - Airyolland La-di-da ARY L54

A.I'd 6.10.15 by Dooley Napal


SOLD - 1550gns to G Pyman (Thacka)

Airyolland Pride, a full sister to Airyolland Propaganda, comes from an excellent female line that have all performed exceptionally well in the flock.

She is a very flashy ewe with great character which she passes onto her progeny. Due to her good performance she was flushed in 2014 with all 6 embryos being of high quality. Two of her ram lambs,Airyolland Attitude and Airyolland Aragon, were sold at Lanark 2015 for 2200gns and 480gns to Paul Tippets and Christine Williams. We have used one of the other ram lambs at home this year. We showed one of the ewe lambs very effectively with her winning reserve champion at Wigtown Show.

The good growth rate, carcase and skins of her lambs means that we were able to sell them untrimmed. She has also bred Airyolland Wanganiki sold as a lamb for 680gns  to John Scott, Fearn at Lanark 2014.

Her daughter, Airyolland Storm, is also breeding  well, with us using her son, World Apart, on our commercial flock.

Airyolland Beltex wee jimmy Airyolland Beltex ewe frm Airyolland Beltex ewe pippi Airyolland beltex ewe phillibeg

2014 Report

Our regular draft of 4 crop ewes were sold at Carlisle on the 12th December 2014.

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Beltex ewe Panache Beltex ewe P91 frm Beltex lamb Sovereign Beltex Airyolland Walkabout frm Airyolland Beltex Padme Airyolland beltex Panache Airyolland beltex ewe pride Airyolland Beltex ewe pride 2

In Lamb Ewes 2016


Pictured are the two ewes at the sale who both sold to Stephen Browse for his new flock in Somerset.

On the left first in the lot,  Lot 208, ARY R54 Airyolland Rising Star who has been an excellent prolific breeder in her time at Airyolland with her son, Airyolland Allstar, selling at Kelso for £1700 this year. Scanned in lamb with a single. Rising star is in lamb to Rathbone Bradley who was the top priced ram lamb at Skipton 2016. Sold for 450gns.

Standing to the right of Rising Star is  Lot 210, ARY R65 Scanned in lamb with a single Airyolland Roxy who is backed by excellent bloodlines on both sides. Not only does she have the flashy looks of her father, Dooley Napal, but her dam is AIryolland Kizzy who was mother of 10000gns Airyolland Nailer therefore Roxy has very deep muscling similar to Nailer. She is also in lamb to Bradley and sold for 400gns.

Beltex ewes 54,65 frm