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Beltex sale Carlisle 2


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Kelso 2013

There was great demand for Beltex Rams at The Border Union's annual event, Kelso Ram sales. We took 11 Beltex shearling rams and despite being the last Beltex consignor in the ring we received a top price of £1550 and averaged £880 for the 11 rams.

Our top priced ram, Pagan son Airyolland Sputnik ARY S060, out of a Airyolland Nailer daughter sold to John Hall, Inglewood Edge for £1550, which was the second highest priced Beltex at Kelso. Pagan sons were in demand with another, Airyolland Spot ARY S076, selling to Hector MacAskill for £1100. This was followed into the ring by another Pagan son, Airyolland Shockwave ARY S066 selling to John McLelland from Pitlochry for £800. The final Pagan son Airyolland Solidarity sold for £650 and travelled back to Mr Martindale near Stranraer.

Messers Harley from Kinross returned to buy another Beltex from us this year and took home Pirate son Airyolland Shariff ARY S145 out of favourite ewe Airyolland Lakshmi for £750. Messers J & G Sinclair took two rams home paying £850 for Pirate son Airyolland Shazam and £1000 for the last Beltex in the ring Airyolland Syco.

Kelso Beltex Rams 2013 frm nm


2013 was an exciting year for the Airyolland flock with two big Beltex events taking place in our area. On 31st July the Beltex Scotland National Show was being held at our local Show, Stranraer Show, and then in October the Beltex Society National AGM was held in Stranraer with the farm visit on Saturday 26th October being to Airyolland.

We enjoyed meeting and welcoming people interested in Beltex from all over the United Kingdom.

Carlisle 2014

A huge demand for Beltex shearlings at the Carlisle premier beltex sale saw our average rise 770gns  on the year.  We sold to a top of top of 4000gns twice and  averaged £1913 for the nine sold.

Leading our trade was Airyolland T-Rex who was fifth in the pre-sale show. He sold to Stewart Wood(Woodies), Aberdeenshire for 4000gns. At the same money, 4000gns, Stewart Wood also purchased Bardnaheigh Ranger son, Airyolland Thunder.


Airyolland Tycoon, who had been used at home as a lamb sold to Robert Atkinson (Beck Hill) Yorkshire for 2100gns.

Stewart Wood wasn't the only buyer to take a brace of tups home with J and G Sinclair and new breeder R Nettleton also buying two tups each out of the pen.  J and G Sinclair bought the first tup of the lot in the ring, Airyolland Tiberius, a son of Airyolland Storm Trooper for 1300gns. He then bought the other Storm Trooper son, Airyolland Terminator for 1200gns.

New Breeder, Joe Nettleton, Penrith, also took two shearlings home. His choices were Airyolland Tamar at 1000gns and Rocketman son, Airyolland Tonga, at 900gns.

Another young breeder Sam Asquith purchased another Airyolland Rocketman son, Airyolland Tarantino for 1200gns.

Beltex sheep carlisle 14 frm Beltex ram Airyolland T-Rex frm

Kelso 2014

Beltex shearlings were in demand at Kelso this year which saw our pen of nine tups produce 5 tups over a £1000.

It was good to see so many returning customers and also meet some new buyers who are trying Beltex for the first time. One returning customer was Mr Oliver and Sons from Brampton who was able to buy a replacement for the ram he had bought off us at Kelso in 2005. This year he took home Airyolland Tantalus for £1150.


We had two tups reach our top price of £1500. The first at this price was our pen leader, Airyolland Theseus who sold to J & G Sinclair Crookston, Heriot. This was followed in to the ring by the big bare tup, Airyolland The Joker, who also made £1500 and sold to Messers Wilson Thursby, Carlisle. Two tups then made £1000 with the first, Airyolland Tick Tock, going home to Mr Walton and the second, Teuchter, being bought by Peter Gray, who had topped the Kelso Multibreed sale with his Texels shearlings off Scrogtonhead earlier in the day. Keeping the trade going was Airyolland Tolstoy who sold for £900 to J & S Green, Morpeth.

Mr Smith of Glenmoy farm, Kirriemuir, Angus one of our original customers, who bought a Beltex of us in Kelso when we started selling 15 years ago, returned to buy Airyolland Tobermory for £850.

It was good to meet so many people keen to try a Beltex for the first time and it was first time buyer, A&D Higginson from Perthshire who took home Airyolland Tonto for £800. And finally another first time customer, Messers Sheilds, Morpeth took home Airyolland Tornado for £520.

Beltex sheep Kelso frm

Lanark 2014

We sold three ram lambs at Lanark Beltex sale on Thursday 18th September. Pagan son Airyolland Waltzer topped the sale selling at 2300gns to N & S Caul (Balkello),Angus and D Thornley (Dooley)

The Ardstewart Super Mario son Wee Jimmy sold for 1850gns to C Mair (Aviemore) and A&V Copland (Orkney). Finally, Pagan son, Airyolland Wurzel, then sold for 900gns to Alan Munro (Loandhu)

Airyolland Beltex wee jimmy Beltex Ram Airyolland Wurzel Beltex sheep Airyolland Waltzer frm

Carlisle 2015

Our nine Beltex shearlings sold very well at the premier sale at Carlisle on the 13th and 14th of August 2015.


Airyolland Wild One sold to our top price of 4200gns. This Pagan son was bought by John and Jean Bradley for their Pennyghent Beltex flock in Settle, Yorkshire. The rest of the pen sold extremely well with the nine tups averaging at £1995 each.

First ram in the ring, Ardstewart Mario son, ARY W125 Airyolland Waiamaru sold for 1900gns to Tenbury farm supplies, Worcester

The high average for the pen was helped by three Pagan sons making 2000gns each. First of these at 2000gns was ARY W33 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot who heads to Ioan Jones Tywi flock in Wales. This was followed into the ring by 3 Pagan sons out of ewe Airyolland Panache. The first,  ARY W82 Airyolland Wrangler, made 2000gns and heads to Mr G Yarr from Edzell then ARY W 74 Airyolland Watchman sold for 1600gns to Lilburn estates. The final Panache son of the 3, ARY W081, Airyolland Walkabout, sold for 2000gns to  Messers P Guiry of the Glanton flock.

Then the remaining Pagan son on offer, ARY W49 Airyolland White Lightening, sold for 1300gns to J&G Sinclair Crookston, Heriot.

The final two tups in our lot were both sired by Airyolland Tycoon who sold for 2100gns last year.

The first of these Tycoon sons, ARY W106 Airyolland Woolf, sold for 1200gns to A&D Proctor in Morpeth and the next, our final ram in our lot, ARY W116 Airyolland Wildfire sold for 900gns to Mr I Kirk from Glasson Farm Wigton.

Beltex Carlisle 2015frm

Kelso 2015

Our Beltex rams sold very well at Kelso with them selling to a top price of £4000 and the whole pen of 15 averaging £1363.

There was a lot of demand for Beltex at Kelso and the ring remained busy throughout the sale. In our 16th year of selling Beltex at Kelso we acheived our best top price and best average there yet.

Our top priced ram, Airyolland Weapon ARY W009, a Pagan son, sold for £4000, a new  record for Beltex at Kelso. He was bought by Rory Gregor and Stuart Wood, Aberdeenshire.

Airyolland Whizz ARY W109, an Airyolland Tycoon son, was next up at £2200 and went home to John and Joanne Hall at Inglewood Edge, Dalston. There were two more Tycoon sons in the lot with Airyolland Warbird ARY W104 selling for £1050 to, returning customer, George Harley at Craiglaw Farm, Kinross and Airyolland Winterfell ARY W112 selling for £1200 to  Miss JD Smith, Stanton, Northumberland.

Ardstewart Super Marion son, Airyolland Wizzard ARY W158, who was out of Airyolland Popstar sold for £1700 to Brian Hall, Ainstable Hall, Carlisle. The second SuperMario son in the lot, Airyolland Wicked ARY W174, out of Pirate's full sister , Airyolland Rebel, sold for £1150 to J Oliver & Sons Carlisle and the final SuperMario son in the lot, Airyolland Womble ARY W121 went home with Robert Cockburn in Perthshire.

The two Orkney Something Special sons we had in the lot sold well with Airyolland Whinstane, ARY W092, selling to Harry and Lynwen Evans, Aberdeenshire for £1250 and Airyolland Waltztime, ARY W090, out of the dance line, selling for £1050 to G Halliday, Crawthat, Lockerbie.

The majority of the pen was made up of Pagan sons with returning customers, J & G Sinclair, buying the first Airyolland Westering Ho' ARY W061, and fourth in the ring, Airyolland Warsaw ARY W041, at  £1050 and £1000 respectively. G Howatson bought the next Pagan son Airyolland Wing Commander ARY W054 at £1100. Airyolland Wazeem ARY W040, followed him into the ring and sold for £1000 to Tom Sanderson Biggar.

The final two tups in the ring were both Pagan's. Airyolland ARY W036 Wright Stuff sold for £1000 to A&D Higginson , Callander, Perthshire and Airyolland Woodstock sold for £680 to J Muir and son Mouswald, Dumfries.

Beltex rams kelso 15frm Beltex sheep weaponfrm

Lanark 2015

Our pen of lambs sold really well at Lanark.

Airyolland Avicii sold for the top price of the day at 4600gns. This flashy headed, bare, deep muscled lamb out of proven breeder Airyolland Rhianna and sired by Airyolland Watchman went home to a trio of breeders A & V Copeland (Orkney), Raymond Flaws  (Woodwick) and Colin Mair (Aviemore)

This was the highest price we have received for a ram lamb and our best price at Lanark to date.

The two embryo brothers, Airyolland Attitude ARY A064 and Airyolland Aragon ARY A065, out of Airyolland Pride ARY P150 and sired by 18000gns Dooley Napal both went to the same home with Paul Tippets (Hackney) and Dave Thornley (Dooley) paying 2200gns and 500gns for them respectively.

young breeders Alastair and Thomas Maclean (Caberfeigh) took home the substitute Airyolland Aslan, an Airyolland Top Notch son for 1000gns.

Final lamb in the lot  Airyolland Alakazam, ARY A89 a maternal brother to Airyolland Wurzel, son of Airyolland Senza and sired by Airyolland Watchman sold for 500gns to P & V Noble (Hillview)

Beltex ram lambs15frm Beltex Aragon Attitude frm

Carlisle 2016

Beltex were in great demand at the Society sale at Carlisle on Friday 12th August and our pen of tups sold very well with five lots making 2000gns or more.

Our top priced tup was Airyolland American Dream ARY A06 selling to new breeder Mr Stables for 2600gns. This was followed by Airyolland Amour ARY A017, who was 5th in the pre sale show selling for 2500gns to the Ellis brothers. Airyolland AC/DC  ARY A117 then sold for 2200gns to Messers D& R Horsley.  Two shearlings Airyolland Avatar ARY A069 and Airyolland Alkatraz ARY A025  then came in at 2000gns each selling to Meikle Muir house and Mr JA Halbert respectively.

Following on from that was two tups Airyolland Auld Scotia ARY A026 and Airyolland Amir ARY A135 selling for 1600gns to Messers T and C Robinson and Messers A & G Midgley in that order. Grant Shields from Teviotdale then took home Airyolland Achilles  ARY A134 for 1100gns. Finally, the last  two tups in the ring  Airyolland ARY A185 Airyolland Anon and substitute Airyolland Au Revoir ARY A018 both went to the same home with Mr W Anderson for 1000gns and 750gns respectively.


We also made two exciting new purchases for the Airyolland flock. We bought with the Pentland flock a blue, sparky son of Howcommon Romeo,  Woodies Barbarian for 1600gns. Also from the Woodies flock we bought with the Buckles flock and the Horseclose flock the large stretchy shearling Woodies Awards out of Diablo 161 for 2400gns.

Beltex Carlisle 16 frm

Beltex Beauties 2016

On Friday 26th August we sold 13 Beltex Gimmers at the Beltex Beauties sale at Carlisle. This inaugural sale went very well with all consignors getting a super trade for their sheep.

Our show gimmer Airyolland Andromeda topped our trade selling for 7500gns to Dermot Costelloe (Bailey Brook) She is sired by 18000gns Dooley Napal and her dam was our top priced in lamb 4 crop ewe 2015,  Airyolland Pride.

Airyolland As Easy As, ARY A123, a full sister to 4600gns Airyolland Avicii, top priced ram lamb Lanark 2016, sold for 6500gns to Paul Tippets and Christine Williams (Hackney).

This was followed another Watchman daughter, Adriana Lima selling for 5500gns to Kenny Preston (Glenpark)  

Airyolland Waqeem, has bred very well for us and one of his daughters, Airyolland Alice sold for 3000gns to Oliver Whiteley. Then another daughter, Airyolland Amidala, who is out of a maternal sister to Airyolland Loyalty sold for 2000gns. The 13 gimmers averaged £2541.81. Richard Wood topped the sale selling Airyolland Storm Trooper sired gimmer, Kingledores Arienne, for 10,000gns.


 Beauties full sale reports>>>

Beltex Beauty Airyolland Andromeda Beltex Beauties sale frm

Kelso 2016

We  selected a strong, powerful pen of 9 Beltex shearlings for Kelso this year. They sold very well topping the Beltex trade with two at £3800 and averaging £2044 for the 9.


This lot included the very stylish and large muscled 18000gns Dooley Napal son, Airyolland Alonzo ARY A059, whose mother Pintsize is by 10000gns Nailer. He won the pre sale show and went on to sell for £3800 to Mr J Watson Bowsden Moor and Mr R Rennie, Syndeham.

The two meaty blue tups included in the pen sired by Super Mario son, Airyolland Waqeem sold tremendously well.   Airyolland Atomic ARY A184 shared top price with Alonzo selling for £3800 to Messers J Knight, Low Meadows, Calderbridge. Then Airyolland Afterdark ARY A181, a triplet shearling who is full brother to the Beltex Beauty, Airyolland Alice that sold for 3000gns the previous week went on to sell for £3200 to John and Joanne Hall Inglewood Edge.


Airyolland Top Notch son, Airyolland Anwar ARY A136 another blue tup with excellent carcase and the characteristic extremely short fine tail that goes with a tup with such a good carcase and meat to bone ratio sold to David Stewart and Son Mains of Darulzion for £2400.

Airyolland Allstar, an Airyolland Watchman son out of Napal daughter and consistent breeder Airyolland Rising Star, sold for £1700 to Mr KD Harryman, Keskdale for his new Beltex flock. Followed by another Watchman son Airyolland Aintree ARY A106 selling for £1400 to Messers B&J Menzies Baledmun, Tullimet.

Buying the final Watchman son for £1000 was Messers G & W Halliday Crawthat who took home Airyolland Aztec ARY A071 out of Prudence, a 10000gns Airyolland Nailer daughter.


The two final tups in the pen went home to Sam Stables. Pagan son Airyolland Agneau ARY A003  for £650 and Waqeem son Airyolland Artemis ARY A164 for £450.

Airyolland Beltex frm Beltex Alonzo kelso frm Beltex ram Atomic